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Our Mission & Objective

Our mission and objectives is simple - A sincere commitment to quality, personalized service and professionalism, underscores all that we do. Hence, these are the guiding principles whereby it is deeply entrenched that form the foundation of the department when it was discussed and established.

With the assistance of computer aided designs, state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a team of dedicated Graphic Designers to ensure end products are delivered as per clients expectations and compliance, therefore, we are able to conceptualize, plan, execute and supervise each and every individual project development in order to achieve the clients’ objective.

Henceforth, strategic alliance with our associate partners, we continuously seek to enhance our expertise, resources, strategies and services in order to be more service orientated while providing efficient, effective and productive event management protocols. Megated Resources Sdn. Bhd. ability to offer an extensive range of services that thrives on creating cutting-edge solutions that is able to give any event a distinct but yet, a personalized mood.

Our Values

The value and power of events upon effectively and efficiently managed, are able to propel the organization’s products and services to greater heights. The effectiveness is critical in creating awareness and loyalty for the organization as impressions and opinions are duly molded and perceived during the event.

Over the past decade, the rapid adoption of event management, be it promotional or publicity driven, can be observed both locally and internationally in the private & government sectors. Hence, more organizations are beginning to embark on outsourcing event management functions to professional event managers as organizations begins to recognize the importance of creating an appropriate and conducive event in order to complement their overall business as a responsible corporate citizen co-existing with the business environment in the eyes of the general public or governmental agencies.

Henceforth, most organizations have recorded successes in creating brand awareness and loyalty among end users or target markets by embarking and pursuing on an effective event management campaign. Therefore, this is where we can assist and provide our services in order to ensure the event or campaign is successful and professionally managed.

In view of competing in a highly competitive marketplace, organizations would require an effective and professional event management team in order to stand out amongst its competitors. Therefore, with professional event managers, an organization is able to continuously deliver high quality events to its ever-demanding consumers or clients in order to enhance its perceived corporate identity and image.

Hence, it is in such a scenario and environment that we seeks to offer a synergistic and professional alliance or partnership for corporations and government agencies in order to deliver high quality professional services in the event management industry as we continuously strive to raise the standards of our services.

Why Choose Us?

Creative People

We like challenges - We’re super creative and work towards coming up with the most unique, unusual and exciting event venues, designs, ideas and concepts. Have an idea for an event but don’t know how to go about it? Let us help you.

Awesome Customer Service
Specially planned for YOU

Our Talent Pool

Our people are our most valuable asset, that’s why we place a strong emphasis on attracting, nurturing and developing the finest talent. We expect a lot in terms of energy, effort and ideas to deliver great events.




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The capable experts dedicated in making your
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Ho Lou Shin
Ho Lou ShinFounder & CEO

Our Clients

A & M Realty
Nu Skin
SV International
TM Unifi
56 Degrees
Sime Darby

MEGATED RESOURCES SDN BHD is a Malaysia based Events Company with an international reach and focused on providing the best in event management and execution for our clients.

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